Worship Team

We believe worship at Harvest Church should be marked by intimacy, integrity, accessibility, and passion. Intimacy means our teams and congregation are encouraged to be in close relationship with each other and with God. Integrity means we never act like we are more or less than we are. Accessibility means we play music designed to draw the most amount of people into the deepest level of participation. Passion means we believe that both worship teams and worshipers praise God with their whole lives and are motivated by love.

Our worship ministry is led by Pastor Mikael Heck, who has led worship at churches both nationally, and internationally, as well as being a pastor and missionary. Mikael brings a wide range of ministry experience and passion to the table.

Production Team

The Word of God talks about being excellent in all that you do, we believe that excellence should be applied to everything, including our production team. Whether you have experience in the audio/visual industry or are interested in serving God and learning something new, we would love to have you join one of our teams!

We believe that every heart that helps prepare for worship on Sunday morning is incredibly important, whether on stage or off!