Daniel Fast


What is Fasting?

Fasting is abstaining from food. There are different kinds of food fasts:

1. Absolute Fast

The absolute fast which is abstaining from food and water. Esther did this
kind of fast. Not recommended for more than 2-3 days. (Your body must
have fluids after a day or two)

2. Normal Fast

The normal fast which is abstaining from all food and just drinking water

3. Daniel Fast (recommended)
The partial or Daniel fast which is abstaining from certain foods. Daniel
fasted from all tasty foods and meats and ate only vegetables, fruits and

Our staff has committed to a Daniel Fast, we hope you'll join us!

4. Benedict Fast
The Benedict fast established by Saint Benedict of Nursia, Italy (525AD),
where you eat only one meal a day.

5. Liquid Fast
The liquid fast which is abstaining from all solid foods drinking only light
liquids like fruit and vegetable juices. Drinks like milk shakes would not be
included in this type of fast.

Important Note: All fasting should be done wisely. If you have a
medical condition that would be adversely affected by fast you should
check with your physician about how you could fast and modify the
fast accordingly.

Purpose & Rewards of Fasting:

  • Fasting humbles our soul (Psalms 35:13)
  • Fasting brings our human desires under control (1 Cor. 9:27)
  • Fasting will cause us to experience more of God’s power working
    through our lives (Matt 17:20-21)
  • Fasting sensitizes us to the spiritual realm (Acts 10:30-31)
  • Fasting causes us to be open to the new things God is doing (Isaiah 43:19)
  • Fasting will cause us to pray with greater passion (James 5:16)
  • Fasting will open you up to prophetic revelation (Luke 2:36-38)
  • Fasting enables you to hear the Holy Spirit more clearly (Acts 13:2)

Fast Daily Prayer Guide

Day 1 – Monday, July 16 Surrender and Repentance

Day 2 – Tuesday, July 17 Salvation for friends and loved ones

Day 3 – Wednesday, July 18 Revival in the church for all generations

Day 4 – Thursday, July 19 Unity and protection of the church

Day 5 – Friday, July 20 Financial and physical blessing for individuals and the church

Day 6 – Saturday, July 21 Faith, obedience and boldness to step into God’s plans as individuals and as the church