Grandparent Ministry

“Teach them (God’s commands) to your children and to your children’s children.”

Deuteronomy 4:9

“…we will tell to the generation to come the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord and

his might, and the wonderful works that He has performed…that the generation to

come might arise and recount them to their children.”

Psalm 78:4, 6


Encourage, enable and equip parents at Harvest Church to be intentional in

sharing their love and faith in Christ with their grandchildren.


This is a confidential “space” where grandparents can share confidential prayer

requests and only those with the code will be admitted. A grandparent will go to

the website and ask to join the prayer line. A responding email will identify the

code and all prayer requests will be confidential and will not include names in

order to protect all those involved.


Beginning September 10, a 8-10 week teaching series will be based on the

concept that Grandparenting Matters. The series will include instruction,

discussion, videos and testimonies from grandparents. This will be the base

from which all future ministry will flow.


 Speaker/Program

 Concert of prayer

 Seminar/Workshop

 Sharing “our stories”

Potentially in the Future:


Live Screening of the Legacy Coalition Conference