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We don't care how you're dressed, how many tattoos you have, or who you voted for. We are a church full of broken, imperfect people with every kind of story imaginable, and we're saving a seat for you!

Our Mission

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The book we will study is called Uprooting Anger - Biblical Help For A Common Problem by Robert D. Jones, this study is on the 3rd Monday of every month. The group will meet at 6:00pm at the home of Andy & Joy Unger.


It can be difficult being a mom and feeling like you don't have a community of women around you. Busy schedules can easily consume our lives. Mom's Park Days are a great opportunity to let the kid's play and get their energy out, and allow you to spend some time with other amazing moms. 1st & 3rd Tuesday of every month from 10AM to Noon @ Chumash Park. 


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