Give your student the gift of nearness with Jesus.

Obviously, you don't need to come our winter retreat to be near to Jesus but I have seen throughout the years that God reveals Himself in special ways on retreats.

It might be something in the air or not in the air perhaps - cell service? It could be the time away from the business and routine or intentional time with God. Im not too sure. I just know it is so good. 

Winter Retreat 2018

 If you had heard, we were headed to Big Bear that WAS correct. We have decided we will be heading back up to Shaver Lake and China Peak. 

With a cost of 200 a person it may sound like a lot. This includes everything from lift tickets and food to housing and transportation. You may also request a scholarship for your student. We want to see as many people as we can come on this trip to be impacted by the life changing message of Jesus Christ and we are willing to work hard to make it a possibility for everyone.